PursesMama.com & Touch Bags High Quality Replica Sites

As of late there have been two big websites I use to get my purses from, Touch Bags and PursesMama. PursesMama.com is a good online store but I like Touch Bags in particular, as they seem to understand how important it is to have quality purses to carry around all the binkies, hand sanitizer, toys, snacks that you're going to need through the day plus your cash, credit cards and driver's license. When you're a mother you need to be able to count on your purse and hand bags, that's why as a Mama myself I count on the high quality purses and bags available from PursesMama and Touch Bags. People often ask me when I have one of my purses where I get them and then I'm also asked what site I prefer I use to answer PursesMama.com but these days I say Touch Bags...

Customer Service At PursesMama

On both sites I've had to rarely deal with customer service due to the great expedient shipping and the way the shipping staff keep you up to date with your products shipping, tracking information and or any issues that you may come across. The only time I had to deal with both PursesMama.com and Touch Bags customer service is when I forgot to transfer over appropriate funds to my checking account before using my debit card so I had to get in contact with them to place the order again. With Touch Bags I had a response via email customer service in less than ten minutes, however with PursesMama it took a little under 24 hours to hear from their customer support reps. I think both are very good response rates from an online company however, it was nicer to get a more immediate response to my message.

Purses Mama Customer Feedback

I found that both PursesMama and Touch Bags have great feedback from other people I talk to who have placed orders at the websites. The only complaints I have ever heard is sometimes how the customer service when dealing with Purses Mama can take a day or two to getting around to responding to emails. This can be a bit difficult if you correct a wrong order and quickly need to cancel your order. Touch bags is typically much quicker at responding to your emails, but can be a bit slower around the high demand shopping times for purses such as Mother's Day, Christmas and Valentine's Day. The only other complaint I have with one of these companies is that occasionally PursesMama.com gets stringent and does not use an appropriate amount of packaging material when shipping their purses and bags. Overall I recommend Touch Bags but both are great companies.